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Shubh Weddings by Kunal: Crafting Unforgettable Moments in Udaipur

Udaipur, known for its majestic palaces, serene lakes, and vibrant culture, is the dream wedding destination for many. Among the city’s elite wedding planners, Shubh Weddings by Kunal has emerged as a beacon of creativity, elegance, and meticulous planning. This is the success story of how Shubh Weddings by Kunal transformed a vision into reality, making every couple’s dream wedding a magnificent reality.

From Vision to Reality: The Birth of Shubh Weddings by Kunal

Shubh Weddings by Kunal began with a simple yet profound vision: to craft weddings that are not just events but unforgettable experiences. Founded by Kunal Sharma, a seasoned event planner with a passion for perfection, the company quickly became synonymous with luxurious, tailor-made weddings in Udaipur.

Kunal’s journey into wedding planning was inspired by his innate love for design, organization, and making people happy. His attention to detail, understanding of client needs, and ability to execute complex ideas seamlessly have set Shubh Weddings apart in the competitive market of wedding planning.

Exquisite Udaipur: The Perfect Canvas

Udaipur, often called the “City of Lakes” or “Venice of the East,” provides an idyllic setting for fairy-tale weddings. The city’s rich history, stunning architecture, and breathtaking landscapes offer endless possibilities for creating enchanting wedding experiences.

Shubh Weddings by Kunal leverages Udaipur’s unique charm by curating weddings that reflect the city’s grandeur while incorporating the couple’s personal story and preferences. From grand palaces like the Taj Lake Palace and City Palace to serene venues like Jagmandir Island and Oberoi Udaivilas, Kunal and his team ensure that every venue’s potential is maximized to create magical moments.

Signature Weddings: A Portfolio of Elegance and Grandeur

**1. A Royal Affair at Jagmandir Island Palace:

When Rhea and Vikram approached Shubh Weddings, they envisioned a wedding that embodied opulence and elegance. Kunal suggested the Jagmandir Island Palace, known for its regal ambiance and stunning views of Lake Pichola.

The three-day event started with a traditional welcome dinner under the stars, followed by a vibrant Mehendi ceremony adorned with colorful drapes and floral decor. The highlight was the wedding day, where the couple exchanged vows against the backdrop of the sunset, with the palace beautifully lit up. Every detail, from the floral arrangements to the orchestration of events, was executed flawlessly, leaving guests mesmerized.

**2. A Contemporary Fusion at Oberoi Udaivilas:

Anjali and Siddharth, a couple with modern tastes, wanted a wedding that blended traditional Indian rituals with contemporary aesthetics. Kunal proposed the Oberoi Udaivilas, a venue that balances luxury with modern design.

The wedding was a symphony of contrasts. A minimalistic, elegant decor set the tone for the wedding ceremony by the lake, while the reception featured cutting-edge lighting, sleek furniture, and a dance floor that came alive with a live band. Kunal’s ability to merge traditional elements with contemporary style made this wedding a standout.

**3. A Cultural Extravaganza at City Palace:

For Priya and Aarav, a couple with deep-rooted cultural ties, Shubh Weddings by Kunal organized a wedding that celebrated their heritage. The City Palace, with its historical significance and architectural splendor, served as the perfect venue.

The wedding included a traditional procession with folk dancers and musicians, a vibrant Sangeet with local performers, and a wedding ceremony that honored their customs. Kunal’s attention to cultural details and his network of local artists ensured that the wedding was not just a celebration but a homage to the couple’s traditions.

A Seamless Experience: The Key to Success

The success of Shubh Weddings by Kunal lies in Kunal’s ability to offer a seamless experience from start to finish. His process involves:

  1. Understanding the Couple’s Vision: Kunal spends significant time with each couple to understand their desires, preferences, and unique story.
  2. Customized Planning: Every wedding is tailored to reflect the couple’s personality, incorporating innovative ideas and themes.
  3. Meticulous Execution: With a dedicated team of professionals, Kunal ensures that every aspect of the wedding, from decor to logistics, is executed with precision.
  4. Personalized Touch: Kunal’s presence throughout the planning and execution phases ensures a personalized and stress-free experience for the couple and their families.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Shubh Weddings by Kunal

As Shubh Weddings by Kunal continues to flourish, the focus remains on evolving and innovating to create extraordinary weddings. Kunal plans to expand his services to include destination weddings beyond Udaipur while maintaining the same level of dedication and creativity.


Shubh Weddings by Kunal is not just a wedding planning service; it is a creator of timeless memories. Kunal Sharma’s expertise, combined with the enchanting backdrop of Udaipur, transforms weddings into grand, personalized celebrations that couples and their guests cherish forever. Each wedding tells a unique story, meticulously crafted and beautifully executed, ensuring that the couple’s special day is truly unforgettable.

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